Crux of Man Animal conflict in INDIA :

Asiatic elephant, leopards, blue bull, wild boar have grown far beyond the carrying capacity of our forest in India as seen in the graph. In the corresponding period from 1980 till date the human population  has increased by more than 100%, similarly Asiatic elephant numbers has also gone up 100%.

On the other hand the forest cover has reduced. Moreover Government Controlled forests are overridden by noxious weeds like lantana and Parthenium forcing wildlife to stay out of the government controlled forest into the human habitation triggering man-animal conflict and a wave of anti-wildlife tirade is triggered off from angry farmers and forest dwellers.

Killed by Man eating tigress of Pandharkwada, Maharashtra.

Tigers too are facing onslaught. Every adult tiger needs to kill once a week.  That means if we have 2000 tigers in the country, we need 1,04,000/- spotted deer and other base prey annually which we don,t  have even in rich and protected National parks. This is forcing tigers to starry out of the forests, attacking cattle and humans, snow balling man-animal conflict outside the forests.

Therefore, our tigers are staying out of their protected area into human habitation, killing cattle and humans who are brazenly poisoning out precious tigers.

This in my opinion is the crux of man animal conflict in our country.

The Rough Elephant that killed five persons was shot 23.01.2016 by Nawab Shafath Ali Khan, using the .458 rifle, on the invitation of the Govt. of Bihar

Nawab Shafath Ali Khan trains guns to save endangered species

No arrogance, no laid back attitude or flaunting his privileged birth. This new age nawab is a quick draw. He can handle physical and mental strain; evidenced by the fact that he can sit motionless for hours at a stretch atop a 20 ft high mach an in thick jungle with danger lurking close by.

Nawab Shafath Ali Khan, India’s celebrated hunter refuses to conform to the typical nawab lifestyle. He doesn’t live in the lap of luxury; instead he loves to wallow in the lap of nature. 

At his villa in Hyderabad, stuffed trunks, elephant leg footstools and a bison leg pen-stand greet you. Then you are suddenly jolted when a trumpet rings from his mobile. His daily fare at Nilgiri Hills, Masinagudi village to be precise, where he usually stays, include a sighting of spotted deer, samba, the piercing call of lapwings, chatter of macaques and the occasional roar of a tiger on the prowl. Sure, he is at ease with the sounds, sights and life in the jungles of south India where he has spent most of his 58 years.

Consoling an old lady who lost her crop to wild boar
The villagers adorn Asghar with the regalia of a Maratha of a bridegroom and adopt him as their own
A gold medal won by me, as a sub junior in 50 m prone peep sight Shooting event, at the XXIII National Games of India, Madras 1968, when I was 11.

Licensed to Kill

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